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Dynamic Market Changes Mean Fundamental Difference in Investment Strategy

by St. John & Assoc on Jun 21, 2018

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The investment conditions of the market are in the process of a major change, both in terms of risk character and the type of investments that are most likely to provide positive returns. While this market change has been coming for a few years, it appears to have become more evident and near-term based on the market’s volatility during 2018.  

What's the Difference between Commissions and Advisory Fees?

by St. John & Assoc on Nov 22, 2017

commission, advisor, advisory fees, fees, fee only, financial advisor, financial advisor firm

There is much confusion by consumers in understanding the term “financial advisor” and how they are paid. Today there is no legal definition, regulation or restriction as to who can use this designation, but there is a big difference in the services different financial advisors provide and how their fees are collected.

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