At St. John & Associates, we provide complete financial planning and investment management services to meet client goals now and in the future. Through trust and experience, we are able to guide our clients through this journey.


Understanding the big picture means taking the first steps.

To start, we conduct a thorough review and analysis of specific needs in a range of planning areas, including college funding, insurance, taxes, cash flow, mortgage refinancing, retirement, estate planning, and much more.

We look not just at what someone needs, but why they need it. We want to know hopes, dreams, and goals to develop and implement a personal financial plan that achieves what a client deems most important. Our team leaves no opportunity unturned and our comprehensive approach ensures that clients have the information they need to make informed personal and professional decisions throughout their lives.



Let’s roll up our sleeves, and dig right in...

What set us apart from other financial advisory services? It's all about our commitment to personal and professional service. We are there when clients need us. We really get to know them and are able to anticipate needs and be proactive with planning in many areas. Here are just a few ways in which we go beyond the typical role of an advisory firm to better understand and guide our clients.

  • Coordinating and completing mortgage refinancing
  • Providing clients with reporting on new home building investment opportunities
  • Helping a client select and negotiate the cost and financing of a new car
  • Researching and visiting independent/assisted living arrangements to help a client make a decision for themselves or a loved one
  • Reviewing and implementing estate documents to ensure that "boilerplate" language doesn't result in any unintended issues in the future
  • Facilitating the selection of personal or property/casualty insurance


Going the extra mile is part of our company DNA at St. John & Associates. We are here to listen, create plans and provide solutions for success!