Financial Planning

No matter your financial standing when you begin working with St. John & Associates, we are prepared to help you make smart and strategic decisions for your financial future. This is done through the building of a Personal Financial Plan. We understand life can be complicated and that one-size doesn’t fit all. Together, through the planning process we identify, prioritize, and explain your options every step of the way. We are right there with you as you build into your plan your financial goals, current resources, lifestyle preferences, investment assets, target annual investment rates of returns, assumed inflation, targeted dates of retirement, and even life expectancy. We provide a probability of the plan's successful outcome using Monte Carlo simulation. If the plan fails to provide a high probability level, the plan is reworked to meet the high plan probability.

Included in the initial plan is a review and recommendations of the elements making up the plan such as the costs for mortgage financing, college tuition, weddings, buying a vacation property, tax management, charitable giving, planning for aging parents, estate planning, managing health care costs, Medicare & Social Security, retirement plan provisions and even estate documents.  We are here to provide peace-of-mind planning by ensuring our clients have the most reasonable assumptions and understand the pros and cons in making informed financial decisions and the review and monitoring of their Personal Financial Plan throughout their lives.

Much of what we do is essential to financial success and wealth management. We advise clients on a personal level by determining optimal risk profile, creating greater efficiency through tax and insurance reviews, and organizing financial affairs while keeping personal identifiable documents secure in our easily accessible online portal. Through our financial planning role, we also help clients on a personal and individual level to identify potential risks and behaviors to avoid or watch for.

Experience matters, and you can be sure that our team is equipped to set you up for success.






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