Strategic planning in today's complex market

We all are living in a complex investment world with high valuations and rising interest rates, where the traditional 60/40 portfolio may no longer be the best long-term approach for every client. In this new market, we believe that global diversification and superior income generation are the best approach to limit risk and we strive to achieve the level of return and cash flow needed to meet clients' financial planning goals and future needs.

Our portfolios often include a selection of domestic and international stocks and ETFs, domestic and international fixed income securities and funds, and other opportunistic investment alternatives depending on your risk levels and needs. We believe in planning first. As part of our financial planning process, we work with you to determine the best suitable investment portfolio. We then prepare a set of investment documents as a guide to managing your investments.

Portfolio Structures

We utilize four principal strategies, each based on specific investment premises that also define the material risks of the particular strategy.

The four strategies are:

  1. Global core equity dividend strategy - based on the assumption that over reasonable periods of time, dividend stocks will have an overall higher rate of return than non-dividend-paying stocks. Further diversification is kept simple through ETFs (exchange traded funds)
  2. Fixed income investment strategy - based on the premise that rising interest rates present a new challenge for investors. Research depth is a primary consideration with the selection of investment managers and ETFs.
  3. Alternative investment strategy - counter expected market volatility by finding investments other than traditional stocks and bonds which produce different return patterns.
  4. Specialty investment strategy - investing in temporarily undervalued assets, as well as trading at optimum times.

It’s true that one can learn a lot by looking at how markets have performed over time, but we also acknowledge they are not predictable and often volatile. We intentionally do not chase flash-burn trends or look solely at historical returns. We use research, analysis and long-term strategies to ensure that we can help you meet your investment goals, no matter what is happening in the markets today.



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