How 2018 Tax Law Changes Affect Charitable Gifting

by St. John & Assoc on Jul 6, 2018

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Many taxpayers may not yet understand that the 2018 tax regulation changes include an increase in both the standard deduction amount to $24,000 for joint returns, and $12,000 for single returns. These amounts may exceed the amount of itemized deductions for most taxpayers, which can include their medical expenses, interest expenses, charitable contributions, and other taxes.

Why Should I Consider a ROTH Conversion?

by St. John & Assoc on Dec 1, 2017

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Each year there is the opportunity to convert some or all of your IRA account assets to a ROTH account. The purpose in doing so is to eliminate the Federal and State tax on any future distribution amounts and enable you to withdraw funds earlier without penalty. Funds including gains held in ROTH account can be distributed tax-free subject to some manageable restrictions.

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