Kalaila Spearman

Financial Services Administrator/ Marketing

Kalaila joined St. John & Associates in 2021 with extensive experience in financial services, and operation management.

As the Financial Services Administrator of St. John & Associates, Inc. Kalaila is responsible for managing the client database, assisting with compliance efforts, marketing/advertising support as well as assisting the President from day to day.

Kalaila is a graduate of the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) with a BA in journalism. Prior to joining the firm in 2021, Kalaila worked in banking for over 5 years. Kalaila held positions such as Asst. Branch Manager, Operations Specialist and Compliance Asst. at Oxford University Bank (MS). She also served as the Operations Manager for Xception Advisory Group (GA).

When she’s not in the office, Kalaila enjoys traveling, vlogging, fitness and attending various events with her daughter, Khloe.